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Yesterday IRAQ made a big feat, to win the Asian's Football Championship; AFC Asian Cup. The last mach was vs/ Saudi Arabia. In theirs walk to the win, Iraqi National Football Team wins against: Korea; Australia; Oman; Bahrain, Vietnam and , of course against Saudi Arabia. It's the first time Iraq Football Club wins something in an international manifestation. It's true: Football is an incredible and wonderful sport; We, in Italy know very well this thing and when our National Football Team plays is a big event, as the 4 July in US.. A symbol of all nation; this is the Sport, as music, or an art.... What appened yesterday in Iraq is wonderful, very wonderful and a thing to hope all the world. Though authority dichiared the curfew in all country , all Iraqis ( media saids) was in fest.... this to dimonstrate Iraqis peoples likes be happy and can leave together, if learn to forgive. The Th images arrived from Iraq, finally, are of hope and fest images, not dead or war images; one of the best thing ever happened this year. We all hope, sincerly, that will be the first steap for all Iraqis peoples to have a good future, a future of hope and peace. BlogmasterPG

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